Alaska Property Taxes

A Quick Link Guide

Alaska Property Tax Information Page

Once you purchase a property, you must maintain your tax payments as well as your mortgage payments. A local government’s assessment/property/tax department is responsible for setting the tax rate (aka: mill rate), managing exemptions, assessing property values, and other duties. For more information on your property’s assessed taxable value, the local mill rate, your properties tax amont due, how to pay your tax, etc. visit your local property assessment/tax website. Here are links to those Alaskan assessment directories.

Anchorage Property Tax Search

Click Here to Find Your Anchorage Tax Information

Statewide Tax Links

Municipal Assessor Directory

Office of the State Assessor

DNR & BLM Land Records

Other Alaskan Boroughs Tax Links

Mat-Su Borough’s Assessment Site

Kodiak Island Property Tax Site

Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Assessment Site

Fairbanks Assessing Department Site

Juneau City Borough Assessor’s Links

Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assessment Dept.

Sitka City and Borough Assessment Dept.

North Slope Borough Assessor’s Page

Haines Borough Property Information Link


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