7 Must Have Alaskan Home Features

7 Popular Alaskan Luxury Home Features

Luxury doesn’t always mean a big price tag. Sometimes, the simplest features add true luxury to a home. Here are some interesting Alaskan luxury homes features I have noticed.

Arctic Entry and Mud Room

Let’s face it, it’s cold up here and you’ll need a lot of layers, even in “Summer”. A luxury feature for an Alaskan home is an arctic entryway that shields the rest of the house from the cold blast of air from the front door. Once you get inside, you’ll want a place to shed all those extra layers without clogging up your fancy entryway. If you have guests visiting, this stockpile of jackets, hats, scarves, boots, mitts, and warmers can get huge.

Separate Pantry and Stand Alone Freezer

Flickr CC License: jrubinic

Alaskan grocery prices are sky high. Even if you can afford a luxury home, how can you say no to buying those flats of strawberries when they are in season. You’ll need some place to store your I-bought-it-on-sale hoard, so a true Alaskan luxury is a giant pantry; extra points if you can put in your own root cellar to store locally grown Alaskan potatoes and other root vegetables. Another big Alaskan kitchen luxury feature is the enormous stand alone freezer. Every family that hunts and fishes needs one of these, heck get two! One for fish and one for game! If you’re buying an Alaskan home and the Bill of Sale has a separate freezer on it, you’ve scored!

It’s Banya, Not Jacuzzi

Unless your hot tub doubles as a time machine, the best luxury feature for an Alaskan home spa is a banya, or sauna in English. Locals here have taken up this Russian tradition with glee. What better way to get rid of the chills than baking yourself in a nice cozy cedar lined oven? Once you’ve been in long enough, you’ll welcome a plunge in the snow!

Garage-Mahal or Flat Driveway

Banya: Wikipedia Commons: Smarticvs

Many Alaskans leave extra early for work due to winter driving and having to dig their cars out of the snow. To avoid shoveling, buy a home with a garage!

Most winters Southcentral Alaskans experience a December thaw accompanied by freezing rain on ice. Because of this, you will be thankful for buying a home with a garage or at least a flat driveway. While it may be hard to skate to your car, not having to skate downhill to your car would be better!

Southern Exposure

Who says Alaskan winters have to cause cabin fever? A true Alaskan luxury home feature is the amount of southern facing windows it has. The more the merrier! Who says you can’t get a sun burn in February? With enough south facing windows, you can chase away any vitamin D deficiency!

Window Screens and Other Light Accessories

Flickr CC License: Arthur Chapman

Many people think the ptarmigan is our state bird – wrong! It’s actually the mosquito, we just didn’t want to scare you all away. To keep these summer pests out of the house, you must get window screens or resort to choking on clouds of Pic or Buhach.

While you’re at it, load up those windows with some thick light blocking curtains so you can see your TV and computer screens without the glare of Alaska’s Midnight Sun. You don’t want to resort to being that house with the tin foil.

Smokehouse, Not Outhouse!

Flickr CC License: AndyArthur

We’ve come a long way baby! No longer in need of outhouses, most modern Alaskan homes have big custom throne rooms complete with big bathtubs. The only separate “house” really needed these days is a smokehouse. Yeah, you can get yourself a Little Chief smoker and be done with it, but if you are seeking true Alaskan living, a whole smokehouse is the way to go. After all, how is a Little Chief smoker supposed to keep up with a true Alaskan fisherman?

These are the top luxury home features if you are buying a home in Alaska.

What features make homes in your region feel like luxury homes?



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Photo Credits: Freezer: Flickr CC License: jrubinic, Banya: Wikipedia Commons: Smarticvs, Mosquito: Flickr CC License: Arthur Chapman, and Outhouse: Flickr CC License: AndyArthur .


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