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Newhaven Landing

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Newhaven Landing is a neighborhood located on Newhaven Loop within Independence Park, which is inside the larger Anchorage neighborhood of Abbott Loop.

Buying and Selling Homes in Newhaven Landing

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If you are ready to sell your Newhaven Landing home, have it featured here and other pages related to this area of Anchorage. Ask your agent to place an ad here or call Dan Benton for a listing package today! Dan Benton with Real Estate Brokers of Alaska at (907) 727-5279

Newhaven Landing Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Newhaven Landing with this Google Streetview tool.

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Newhaven Landing Owners Association

HOA Management

Newhaven Landing HOA is managed by
Klondike Property Management
P.O. Box 112871
Anchorage, AK 99511
Phone: 907-522-4341
Fax: 907-522-4331

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