Abbott Loop

Welcome to Abbott Loop, Anchorage, Alaska

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Abbott Loop is a neighborhood in South Anchorage located in between the New Seward Highway to the West and Elmore Road to the East; and Dowling Road to the North and Abbott Road to the South.

Along with several smaller parks within its borders, Abbott Loop residents have quick access to two larger parks: Far North Bicentennial Hillside Park, located just East of Elmore Road; and Ruth Arcand Park, located South of Abbott Road.

Being a Southern Anchorage neighborhood, Abbott Loop is closer to the popular Dimond Mall and retail zone off of Dimond Boulevard and Old Seward Highway.

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Abbott Loop Virtual Tour

Use this Google Streetview tool to virtually tour the Anchorage neighborhood of Abbott Loop!

Community Links

Community Council Page

Home and Landowners Organization for the Anchorage Hillside
Anchorage Municipality Abbott Loop Survey
Abbott Loop Community Park


Meadow Park

Whisper Faith Kovach Park

Winchester Park


Students who reside in this area of Anchorage may attend Hanshew and Wendler Middle Schools and Service High School. To be sure about specific school boundaries before you buy a home,

enter the Abbott Loop Address here.


Crime Statistics & Public Safety

If you are curious about crime statistics for the Anchorage neighborhood of Abbott Loop, you can view Anchorage crime statistics on the Anchorage Police Department’s webpages. Here are links to view crime statistics for all of Anchorage’s neighborhoods.

APD’s Anchorage Neighborhood Crime Watch

Anchorage Community Council’s Community Patrols Page

Anchorage Police Department’s RAIDS Online Crime Map page

Municipality of Anchorage’s Crime Density Maps page

State of Alaska’s Sex Offender Registry page


Abbott Loop Flickr Photos

Abbott Loop Panoramio Photos

Subdivisions and HOAs in Abbott Loop

Abbott Loop Manor

Abbott Loop Terrace

Alisa Estates

Bell Estates

Big Foot

Birch Run

Buddy Estates

Bulen Heights

Cambridge Park HOA

Campbell Heights


Carriage Estates

Cedar Estates HOA

Cedar Hollow

Christopher Park

Chugach Estates

Chugach Meadows


Clear Haven


Commodore Park

Constitution Ridge HOA

Crescent Hill Estates

Crescent Hills


Dawn Village

Daybreak Estates

Dee Estates


Eileen Terrace

Elliott Park

Essex Square HOA

Forest Grove

Forest View Heights

Fox Lair

Galatea Estates



Geirinhas Heights

Granite View

Greenwood Park

Gray Hawk


Heritage Heights HOA

Holly Hill

Hollybrook Circle

Hyatt Estates

Independence Park

Indian Gardens

Jenell Estates

Jennifer Park

King David Estates

Kingsberry HOA

Kobuk Terrace

Lake Otis Heights

Laurel Park

Lazy Acres

Lexington Heights HOA

Little Bear

Little Bend

Little Brook

Little Brook North

Little Campbell Creek Estates

Little Moose

McArthur Park

Meadow View

Moose Ridge

Moss Creek HOA

Nadine Park

Newhaven Landing HOA

O’Brien Acres

Olympic Terrace

Parkside Homes HOA

Patriot Park HOA


Pleasure View

Ravens’ Roost HOA



Ridgemont HOA

Rinner Ranch Estates

Rolling View

Rosewood Park Estates

Sahalee HOA

Shane Lee Estates

Solarset Village

South Mountain Meadows

Spruce Acres

Spruce Haven

The Spruce Meadows HOA



The Ponds

Tranquility Heights

Virda Lee Estates

White Hawk

Wimbledon Park

Winchester Heights

Winchester Park

Winchester Vale

Wolf Creek

Young Meadows

Zodiac Manor


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