Industrial Hemp in Alaska?

Anyone that would like to share what they think hemp could be grown and harvested for in Alaska – feel free to share links and comments regarding this new topic.: Bio-Fuel? Textile material? etc… Hemp Business from hemp on Vimeo. I think it would be worth a try to start developing more local fuel sources […]

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50 Things to Love About Anchorage, AK

50 Things to Love About Anchorage   Walking the Markets Potter Marsh boardwalk Getting a Good Spot to Watch the Fireworks Sportsmens Show and the Boast Show, I mean Boat Show Arriving home Northbound by the Potter Marsh Anchorage’s glow while driving home Southbound Ice Skating Outside Our awesome trail system Garage Sale Finding Awesome […]

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7 Must Have Alaskan Home Features

7 Popular Alaskan Luxury Home Features Luxury doesn’t always mean a big price tag. Sometimes, the simplest features add true luxury to a home. Here are some interesting Alaskan luxury homes features I have noticed. Arctic Entry and Mud Room Let’s face it, it’s cold up here and you’ll need a lot of layers, even […]

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Anchorage Pizza Guide

Whether you prefer New York style pizza or Chicago style pizza, here are all the local Anchorage pizzerias I could find online. This is an important resource to have if you are new to Anchorage! There are links to their websites and other social links if available. I have also included some fun pizza links […]

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Anchorage Emergency Numbers

Anchorage Emergency Services Guide Here is a handy list of emergency contact numbers and addresses for residents in  Anchorage, AK. In many disasters, having emergency phone numbers for utility shut off, shelters, and more are important. Keep this guide in a handy place. A shortened anchorage-emergency-numbers-card is also available to download and print for when there […]

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